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February 2014

Flood pictures – Aerial footage of flooding in Chertsey and Runnymede

June 2011

Email received from Louise Manning of the Surrey Police; If you receive an email similar to this delete it immediately.

Would like to bring to your attention an email that is being sent out from complaints @santander with the subject of :
Alliance and Leicester Business Bank-RE;Payment
Please see below;

Dear Customer,

You Have One New Message

Message: We telephoned you today in relation to your Faster Payments payment, unfortunately we were unable to contact you on the telephone numbers registered for your account to verify the payment.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept the secure message to authorise a Faster Payments payment, please log on to online banking and check the messages.
Please click on the following link.

Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank

Payment received from:
From Account: 007945437 — 09-01-50 07945437
Amount: Ј7500.00
Payment Reference: Contract nr.6012
Payment Type: Faster Payments
Status: Despatched
Transaction Number: 00277633
Payment Date: 19/05/2011
Message: We telephoned you today in relation to your Faster Payments payment, unfortunately we were unable to contact you on the telephone numbers registered for your account to verify the payment.

Please click on the following link to to view a copy.


Crime prevention email sent out to Egham Residents from the Surrey Police

Surrey Police are woking hard with officers from neighbouring Police forces to catch anyone committing this type of offence in the area. Today officers from Surrey and
Thames Valley Police have been acting on warrants to arrest individuals for these offences in your area.

The local crime reduction officer can be contacted at Addlestone Police Station should anyone require advice on security for their property.

May 2011

We currently experiencing a series of thefts of motorcycles in the area
please make sure that anyone you know is aware that all motorcycles and quad
bikes are vulnerable and care should be taken to secure these vehicles as
much as possible.

If anyone would like advice from the crime reduction officer regarding the
security of their vehicle PC2092 Grant can be contacted on 01483
637079 or by e-mail at

Date of next NHW Committee meeting

Tuesday 5th July 2011, 7.30 pm at the Egham United Services Club Please do come along. You are all welcome and your views and concerns are important to us.

April 2011

Police Warning  Secure your shed – Guard your garage

Following a spell of break-ins within your area householders are being urged to review shed security before putting expensive electrical garden equipment inside, ready for the spring gardening season.

This follows a spate of thefts from both locked and unlocked garages and sheds where cycles and tools have been taken.

Often it is not sufficient to just rely on the original lock on the shed or garage. It is always wise to add additional security to be sure.

Install good quality locks to a ‘Sold Secure’ standard that has been attack-tested by the Master Locksmiths’ Association.

Secure equipment inside the shed or garage by securing them with a high quality chain, which can be secured to a ground anchor.

Use of property marking by means of etching to all equipment with your postcode and house or flat number.

Register all items of property with a serial number on the National property database at IMMOBILISE on

It is a free service and accessed by all police services to check for stolen property.

Review the website, which gives details of tests undertaken and recommends various secure products.

Crime prevention advice is also available from your local police station or by logging on to the police website and clicking on to the link to the crime reduction pages for more hints and information.


If you need to contact us in the meantime, you can reach us on

Email: []
Tel: 0845 125 2222 Crimestoppers ]

January 2011

Neighbourhood Watch:

By the way, I spotted an open back transit van reg. CU03 JZG helping themselves to stuff out of a skip in Lynwood Avenue.  Obviously, the stuff was scrap, otherwise it wouldn’t be in the skip in the first place, but the skip is in my neighbour’s front garden, and the two blokes had to go onto his land to help themselves.  They looked into the windows of the house to see that the coast was clear, and then took some bits.  Surrey Police are aware.  Crime Reference Number (CRN)  P11005781.  If you see the van again, you might care to call Surrey Police3 on 0845 125 2222 and ask for Egham Police, quoting the CRN just given.

December 2010

A lady was sitting on the bench in Egham High Street outside Lloyd’s this afternoon waiting for her husband, when 2 women approached her trying to sell her a “gold” bracelet and some “gold” rings. Although the lady protested that she didn’t have any money, they pushed some rings on her finger.  When she again told them she hadn’t any money, they took the rings off and left.  It was then that the lady discovered that her wedding ring had also been removed from her finger.  Security at Tesco’s were alerted and someone said they saw the women get into a blue Mercedes. Apparently this trick has been used in Englefield Green

November 2010

On Wednesday 1st December, the Inspector (Ms Mary O’Rourke) will be examining the Surrey Minerals Plan and deciding whether areas in Egham should remain included in the plan for gravel extraction.

The Surrey County Council (SCC) officers are minded to release all the so called ‘Preferred Areas’, of which Milton Park Farm and Whitehall Farm have the most impact upon Egham. This is because SCC is supposed to supply a quota (or ‘apportionment’) of sand and gravel for the South-East.

Unfortunately the public are only able to observe, not take part in, the discussion, but it would definitely add weight to our submission if the public gallery contained some residents from Egham.

The future of Egham up to 2026 and beyond is at stake. Please consider if you can give up a day to help preserve the future of our town.


As a reminder, two of the most significant threats of gravel pits are that:

1)  Clay walls surrounding the excavation sites will affect the groundwater flows (the gravel in and around Egham has water moving through it). This raises very serious concerns about an increased risk of flooding (especially as Egham is already on the edge of a flood plain) and also possible subsidence of residential dwellings.

2)  There would be 230-280 HGV lorry movements through Egham every working day that the site is in operation (that’s approximately one every three minutes throughout the day) for approximately 15 years – maybe for longer if Whitehall Farm were worked as well as Milton Park Farm. Apart from the pollution, safety and highways maintenance concerns about having all those additional heavy goods vehicles in our area, consider that approximately 5% of these lorries will come through central Egham, while 60% of them will cross the railway line at Pooley Green, so adding to the already problematic current barrier-down-time traffic jams and potential future traffic congestion issues that may arise, depending on what the outcome is around Airtrack.


The discussion on Milton Park Farm and Whitehall Farm will be on Wednesday 1st December, starting at 10:00 at County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston, KT1 2DN.

If you don’t drive (and even if you do, parking at Kingston can be problematic), you can take the 08:23 train from Egham to Twickenham, and then onto Kingston. From there, you can walk from the station to County Hall (in Penrhyn Road) in about 15 minutes, arriving at approximately 09:30. There is a short wait at Twickenham for the 09:04 to Kingston, but at least the train is quick and not subject to traffic jams.


The latest information on Hanson’s application to quarry sand and gravel from Milton Park Farm, and to build a concrete-making factory on green belt land behind Manorcroft School, is that it will be determined at SCC’s Planning & Regulatory Committee meeting on Wednesday 16th February, although this is subject to postponement. When this date is confirmed, we will ask you to lobby the County Councillors on this committee.

We will send you another update in due course.

Adrian Skelt                               Genna Clark
ERA Secretary                           ERA Membership Secretary